Our Winery

The Dobosi Winery is a family business in the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region. In the early 1700s their ancestors established themselves 5 km from Lake Balaton in the picturesque town of Szentantalfa situated, between Zanka and Nagyvázsony.

After the political change, Daniel Dobosi, an excellent winemaker, and his wife Ilonka with their unsurpassed hospitality revived and maintained the family estate. Among the five children, Bálint and Győző chose to carry on the legacy at the winery and today they are running the business.

Thus a nearly three century year-old grape growing tradition has been passed down from father to son. The family currently cultivates 24 hectares of vines, mainly in the Nivegy valley wine region and 1.5 hectares in Balatonfüred.

Given the viticulture/wine making history of ancient Hungarians, and that the industry has thousands of years of history, we thought that using the tried and tested cultivation methods of old, would produce a genuine organic wine.

In addition to organic wines our winery produces and sells 100% grape juices and grape seed products. We can produce our wines with private labels – at the request of companies and individuals alike.

Next to our wine cellar we created a wine tasting room and terrace to present our products and to serve our guests.

Our guests in true country-style, family hospitality can choose from 15 different wines along with dinner. Meals are mainly prepared with local or organic ingredients. It’s worthwhile to try our local jams, cheeses and sausages!

Those who want to enjoy a real experience or relax, can spend a night with us.
Starting in 2015 our winery welcomes you with 6 new guest rooms and a sauna.

Our objective is to familiarize our customers with our products, and our company’s commitment to organic products and their quality, values that ​​span over several generations.

Thanks to a wide range of products at the Dobosi Winery, everyone can find a wine of their own, whether young or old, novice or experienced, consumer or even collector!

Our Products

  • 15 kinds of organic wine, the leading varieties: Juhfark, Kéknyelű, Italian Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
  • Organic grape juice
  • Organic grape seed powder and grape seed oil

Our Services

  • Wine tasting, wine dinners (peasant, kettle and oven-baked foods)
  • 35-person wine tasting room plus a covered terrace for 35 people
  • 6 Guest Rooms and sauna
  • Private label wines
  • Organized wine tours
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