At the Szentantalfa Winery our guests have the opportunity to taste our wines, either in the form of a quick tasting or with an oven baked dinner, and for those who would like more, we also organize wine tours which includes 4 wineries and a restaurant.

Wine tasting prices

No reservation is required for a quick tasting (during opening hours), however if you would like a cheese plate with your wine this can be arranged in advance.

  • 5 types of wine to tasting – 2,000 HUF/person
  • 10 types of wine to tasting – 3,000 HUF/person
  • Cheese plate with wines: Local quality cheeses + 1000 HUF/person

Dinner prices

Wine dinners are exclusively for guests with reservations, minimum of 10 persons.

– Wine Dinner with peasant platter (ham, sausage, salami, bacon, Liptauer spicy cheese spread …) 8 types of wine to taste – 5,000 HUF/person

– Riesling marinated oven-fried sausage, fried potatoes and 8 types of wine to taste – 5,000 HUF/person

– Wine dinner with drunken beef stew, noodles and pickles, 8 types of wine to taste – 6,000 HUF/person

– Rosé and mustard oven-baked pork knuckle with fried potatoes and pickles, 8 types of wine to taste – 6,000 HUF/person

– Cabernet Chicken: – Oven baked chicken leg and wings, potatoes and pickle, 8 types of wine to taste – 5,500 HUF/person

Please note that upon reserving for a particular occasion, only one type of food will be prepared.

We can organize wine tasting anywhere throughout the country. Price depends on the distance and number of participants. Please check our prices at info@dobosipinceszet.hu!

Wine tour every Friday

Wine tours are brought back to life with 4 cellars and a restaurant in the Balaton-Highlands. Our goal was to create an organized tour that would show off the beautiful Mediterranean Valley of Nivegy, as well as local high-quality and diverse wines and great Hungarian food specialities.

Year round, every Friday our wine taxis transport guests between cellars. Each of the four family-owned cellars offers 3 types of wine, the program ends at the Zsóka Inn where guests can choose from three special dishes, which are of course accompanied by two wines recommended for these specialities by the four wine cellars.

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